Communication Game 1

Yell It Loud!

This exercise will allow players to practice communicating, kicking and receiving the ball.

1)         Put players into pairs standing about 10-15 feet apart across from each other. (if you have an uneven amount of kids, you might need recruit a parent to step in or you might need to).

2)         1 person will be the kicker and 1 will be the receiver (alternating).  The receiver will practice waving their arms and yelling “I’m open”.

3)         Encourage the children to be loud.  Remind them that their parents usual ask them to quiet down, but now is when you can be loud!  The kicker should not kick the ball until the receiver yells “I’m open”.

4)         Have them go back and forth several times. 

Variation: Break them into groups of 4.  One person will be the kicker.  Two will be the receivers and one will be trying to block the 2 receivers.  Ask one of the receivers to get open and yell I’m open.  The blocker will keep trying to make it hard for the kicker to find someone to kick to.

For the Coach:  Don’t be afraid to get out there and encourage the kids to be loud.  Remind them that the other players can’t see everything – so you need to sometimes yell so they know you’re open.  Of course some kids will be more shy than others.  If they are having trouble yelling “I’m Open”, maybe stand right next to them and yell it along with them.